Fifteen years of hard work seem to signal positive things for singer-songwriter Liz Hill as she readies the release of a debut album with her new band Starling Glow. With a modern pop/dance vibe, the emerging artists present “We Are Infinite“, which gets an extra dose of EDM magic with the help of dance mastermind Dave Aude, who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and One Direction.

Though lead singer Hill plants her Orange County-based musical roots in the genre of rock n’ roll, admiring the work of Death Cab for Cutie, P!nk and Coldplay, her band’s new single pulls her towards the current dance trends while exceptional vocal performances keep them from getting lost in the ever-growing crowd.

Recorded in 2013, the current single is said to be about seizing the moment, about not being afraid to make your mark in the world. Starling Glow is doing just that as the dance-heavy track builds up with interesting beats to a chorus where Hill‘s vocals have their moment to shine. The dance track, its original version set to be featured on the album as well, has already made its way onto the Billboard charts, currently sitting at number 19 on the publication’s Dance Club Songs chart.

We Are Infinite” is the first song released from Starling Glow‘s upcoming 11-track debut album, Broken Record, a collection of tracks with inspiration from all across the musical spectrum. From dance to pop, from rock to country, Hill and her band showcase a range of influences and style on the record. With her family involved in the music industry, Hill says it was important to have fun on the “pop, pop-rock” album, but still wanted to have real instrumentals supporting her voice.

“We have been working on the album for six months and we are still putting the finishing touches on it,” Hill says. “I have been singing ever since I was a little kid. That is what we do in my family. It was important to me to still have real instrumentals or else my parents may disown me.”

Though currently without a set release date, Broken Record, also the name of the album’s “heaviest, darkest song”, is to feature a number of tracks that Hill describes as having more of a pop/rock vibe compared to the current single. Somewhere in the ballpark of Kelly Clarkson and Paramore she explains. Tracks such her favorite on the album, “Ignite“, and the ballad “Empty Handed” are to be included on the debut release.

“Being able to perform these songs, get them into people’s hands and, hopefully, have them enjoy them for as long as possible would just be more than I could ever wish for,” Hill says.

To help promote the catchy tune, the accompanying music video for the Dave Aude remix of “We Are Infinite” was filmed in late October at a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles during freezing cold weather which Hill says was “a riot” yet a challenge due to the white, flowing dress she was wearing while working in stilettos on top of an uneven roof.

“We had so many ideas for the music video, we didn’t even use two-thirds of the footage we shot,” the artist says. “It was my first music video. It was strange to be the focus of attention.”

Filming artsy, attention-grabbing music videos is just a part of a musician’s duties, as is stepping into the recording booth, but Hill says it does not compare to the feeling an artist gets when performing their original material on a live stage for a crowd of devoted followers.

“Stepping onto the stage, I look at the back of the room and then look up to the ceiling. That feeling is exhilarating,” she says. “That pressure, there’s nothing like it.”

Hill understands that it takes a long time to gain a devoted following and for most tracks to gain ground, however, with tracks as infectious as “We Are Infinite“, it seems Starling Glow will have no difficulty achieving the success they desire and deserve.

“I feel super appreciative. I feel so grateful for any accomplishment that is happening right now,” she says.