In exploring the music of Sophie Grey. – one can appreciate the impressive artistry and production skills, as well as the velvety smooth vocals. Those who take the time to fully immerse themselves in her songs will uncover the endearing display of humour within the lyrics.

Sophie, an LA-based artist, defied the challenges of the pandemic to release her debut EP “Grise” last year. This eclectic mix features hazy synths, soulful vocals, a touch of the 80s, and hints of pop/rock and hip-hop. Sophie’s music is organic, refusing to be confined to a single genre, allowing it to evolve naturally.

In her latest offering “Alive,” featuring the cool rap assistance of Sunset Red. Sophie delivers a vibrant and uplifting sonic experience, perfect for those early morning or twilight moments. The song showcases Sophie’s undeniable talent and heartfelt lyrics as she reflects on a past relationship and contemplates the possibility of reconciliation. The authenticity of the lyrics shines through as she honestly examines the challenges of the relationship and ultimately finds the strength to embrace the vitality she feels without it.

“Maybe I should give him a second try?” she ponders, ultimately concluding “(yes sure)… there’s nothing more disappointing than being disappointed twice” – (song lyrics)

The music has a nostalgic 90s vibe that adds to its appeal. Whereas, in the video, Sophie takes a leisurely walk in the sunshine, evoking a sense of carefree nostalgia. However, the 90s aesthetic is especially prominent when we see that she is carrying a mini boombox. And yet, the real highlight is when she appears with a keytar in hand.

Moreover, Sophie’s music is distinguished by her classy approach to composition and performance, showcasing her unique style. It’s difficult to find a comparison to her vibe, as she stays true to her own lane. Her commitment to creating music she loves is evident, and anyone who takes the time to listen may discover the charm and distinctiveness she brings to her work.

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