This week, Amos Wellings from Australia wrote to me. He records under the name of Skyepaint and has recently begun releasing 80’s nostalgic, dream spun tracks under his own, esteem. It was nice to discover Amos really understands the same kind of, electronic pop we care about, on EQ Music.

These beautiful sounds we crave to hear more of, came to life resplendently on the latest Skyepaint single “Bury Us in Gold“. Like it’s glittering title suggests, the track has a suitably shimmery, sparkly lustre which echoes retro synth waves of yesteryear, bringing to mind champions of new-wave along the similar lines to The Beloved and Wang Chung. Lyrically the track reminds us to look to the light in the world during periods of adversity, whether that means, wishing upon a star or a deeper, kind of spiritual healing.

The single is only Skyepaint’s sophomore release, following on from debut track “Maybe It’s My Fault” of last year. However, the accomplished and impeccable production on the songs leads me to surmise that the songwriter-producer has enjoyed previous, success. A quick look at the press release confirms former links with the east coast Australian, indie electronic duo Amos & Emily. And, turns as a DJ where he shared line-ups, with leading names in Australian electronic music including, Pnau, Client Liaison, and Alison Wonderland.

Skyepaint’s exhilarating synthpop speaks for itself and affirms the decision to take the plunge and go it alone was a risk worth making. Skyepaint delivers sparkling tunes with a gentle touch of splendour which showcases a talent worthy of attention. The music feels majestic and vibrant from the outset and throughout and is impossible to forget.

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Twitter: @skyepaintmusic