The fact of the matter is nobody hugely knows too much about SIVIK. The little information that we have been granted at our disposal is just enough to make us aware that he divides his time based out of L.A. and Nashville. However, we don’t really need anyone to tell us how good a singer/songwriter he is for that matter, as this becomes wholly apparent the minute we step into the freshly unleashed video which now accompanies “High” the buzz single which first appeared last year.

Whilst it is still apparent that SIVIK wishes to hang on to that last sense of enigmatic obscurity. From these strategically, fleeting glimpses of the performer beset by shadowy visual effects, we can at least be assured that a bolder picture is forming around him.

The level of visual intrigue is indeed palpable. The dark shaping of pop heartedness even the more so. And the songs, well if we are to attempt to offer up a suffice description of them, they are all to wondrously, deeply immersive and opulently absorbing. There is a sense of drama hanging in the air when it comes to SIVIK but there is also a great deal of artistry at play coming to the forefront of it all.

Infact, SIVIK is just the kind of artist whose impressive musicality and craftsman look certain to stand him in good stead. Even with the snap of mystique lingering in evidence he’s certainly to be going places with intoxicating, octane pieces like “High”.