Seeing as it has quite been the year of Tove Lo in our emerging artist eyes, let’s take a look at another promising Swedish artist who might possibly be on the cusp of following in Tove’s footsteps to provide us with some stunning Scandinavian pop in the near future.

My interest is piqued towards Sirena, a prodigy signed to Noonie Bao’s 2manyfreckels label, with extra credit going here to Noonie herself being one of my favourite newer Swedish artist discoveries dating back over the past couple of years.

Sirena isn’t wholly 100% Swedish she’s a 50/50 mix of Swedish/Spanish blood, but the music evenly transcends moreover as icily Scandic.

There have been a couple of previous release’s to this point in “Love Is Not” and “Don’t Fear The Water” which have hinted at some real cause for justifying Sirena’s pop giving potential but it is firmly sealed by the spellbinding rush coupled with Sirena’s new found pop commanding vocals created of new track “Chemicals” that are fitting of allocating Sirena into the wider emerging artist arena.

We feel that Sirena is now entered into the market for cutting some pretty damn good new future-pop shapes, since she also currently features on the Style Of Eye track “Louder”, (Style Of Eye, who of course had his hands in on releases of another one of Sweden’s new and notable pop concerns Icona Pop.)

Press play to release a doseage of Sirena’s delightful shimmery pop “Chemicals” into your audio receivers, since this is music worth becoming, not just a casual acquaintance of, but best friends with.