Los Angeles, CA – Electro-pop artist, Simon XO, is someone to look for when seeking out buzzy synth goodness which comes out of the gate electrified, catchy and sing-a-long ready. Debuting not one but a double track release as his first recording project, the singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist pens melodies that are packed, with peppy rhythms and sparky refrains. Combining pulsing electronic drum pads and potent synthesised key, arrangements the sound, is strong, and the production is bouncy.

Offering up a multi-release as a debut suggests Simon XO has plenty of music morsels in the bank, waiting to go and so getting him on our radar now seems a very, good idea. Current songs are “Waiting For Me To Break” and “How Do I Fight It“, both equally impressionable in stature, they implement thoughtful lyricism which reinforces themes of doubt, loved ones, and facing intrapersonal fears in a world that makes it so easy to run away from them.

My first impression left me, hearing something in the music that reminds me a little similarity of the artistry of Penguin Prison, the jaunty style of the melodies but overall the impact is, spikier, leaning into the electro tendencies of acts like The Killers. Of the two tracks, this can be heard best, on “Waiting For Me To Break“, as opposed to “How Do I Fight It“, which is lit up by brighter melodic tones in comparison. There is a definite dark versus light balance in the music that makes it interesting, but not necessarily brooding or melancholy. And is very good to hear.

The music is a fun burst of edgy pop, filled with references to life learning observations of a personal slant. Stretching the boundaries of electronic-pop, Simon XO fills a void in today’s emerging artists with artistic flair and panache while ensuring the music oozes personality.

Connect with Simon XO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simonxomusic/
Twitter: @simonxomusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simonxomusic/