Photo: Petra Kleis

I think it is about time we gave some recognition to the music talent rising up out of Denmark, as I’ve come to notice the alternative leaning electro pop of newcomer Carsten Sherpa Eliasen, (known as Sherpa) and it is blatantly obvious that all of his debut promo tracks which have been filtered out across the music arena over the last few months amount to identifying a notable emerging artist who is already impacting with a stroke of accomplished proficiency.

The singer/songwriter from Copenhagen also has an impressively wizard team on hand in Oh Land producer Tore Nissen to assist in presenting his pristine electronic embraced compositions to their perfect best.

So yes the production is powerful and on-point throughout, matched for like in Sherpa’s stridently outreaching artistry, tonality and arresting vocal dexterity.

In bringing to notice most recently unveiled tracks “River” and “Broken” it is perhaps showcasing the most evidently prolific account of Sherpa’s identifiable artistry, as both of these productions equally gleam with radiant amounts of stage presence and radio friendliness, owing to Sherpa’s signature brand of power-pop ignited electronics backed with the gravitating involvement of a danceable beat behind them.

In all honesty Sherpa presents assertive, confident pop making at its most captivatingly engaging and his accountability as an emerging artist is profoundly bringing the goods to the table in that he is both exhibiting exhilarating and polished electronic pop music with a raspy dynamic edge that is excitingly fashioned with a gusto of indie derived panache on all levels.