Sarah Close really has it going on. She’s such a phenomenal singer/songwriter at the age of just 21 and basically her debut EP is a thing of beauty and greatness. Actually I’d go so far to call it out as a mini masterpiece.

The youngster really knows how to construct well-heeled indie-pop sensible compositions and there’s a little twinkle of fun sprinkled in among the heavyweight songwriting style she’s going with. A style which has much in common to that of the delightfully talented Jerry Williams, in that it’s modeled with a charismatically endearing slant and some of the dreamiest, retro vintage vibes a going.

I don’t think it would ever be handbags at dawn between these two incredibly talented ladies but they are certainly doling out their articulate pop offerings from the same kind of place in songwriting narratives and music style. I seem to recall the same situation bubbled up when both Kate Nash and Lily Allen first broke upon on the music scene and I don’t remember that they had any major spats that caused a rub of friction between them. Anyways I have a room in my heart big enough to love both Jerry Williams and Sarah Close’s music and I could just merrily while away many hours listening to the enchanting diddies by either of them, or both.

If you like intimate, genuine and honest songwriting which is covered in perfect pop harmony and a side of quirky factor I strongly recommend you become acquainted with Sarah’s delicious “Caught Up” EP now.

The title track “Caught Up” is the current single and I am truthfully loving it A LOT. Hopefully by clocking in a little look at the refreshingly sweet video to the track, you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation of the mature pop package which makes Sarah Close that added degree of being significantly talented beyond her years.