Emerging Artist: Rudie Edwards

First off, Rudie Edwards isn’t one to mince her words!

From her press release: “The mission is to wake people up…I want to make some bloody noise that doesn’t sound like all of the other bloody noise out there.” – Rudie Edwards

Believe me I’m totally with Rudie on that account.

Take from that, that this London newcomer has all the sassy attitude of a future pop diva, in check from the off. Maybe because she’s been working her way to breaking out on her own accord from the industry side of things, where she’s been writing for the likes of CeeLo Green, Erik Hassle, Beatrice Eli and more.

No doubt Rudie has learned enough of what makes a song, a hit song and clearly she knows her own mind too. Hmmm, I thought to myself, sounds like a really foxy combination that will throw up some fiery pop tune making.

To tell the truth I first heard Rudie’s current single “Lover Like You” a few weeks ago and I’ve been quietly stealing myself from writing about the slinky, disco infused number until the video dropped because I really wanted to see for myself that Rudie fitted the pop diva picture I had envisaged in my mind. Now I can be assured of these assumptions I made, now the video is out. Rudie’s bringing it with glitter, sparkles, jumpsuits and strutting her funky party moves. Actually I super love “Lover Like You”. It’s a really great nostalgically tinged disco track.

Rudie isn’t one of those mouthy upstarts who shout their head off without good reason. Rudie has every reason to be saying here I am, look at me. With such a glistening pop beginning in “Lover Like You”, Rudie sure does bring some much needed sass back into the female pop arena.