Since returning from my summer holiday, I’ve been catching up on the latest music happenings. And am both ready and excited to start discovering new artists again. One artist that caught my attention is Rory Powers. It’s interesting to note that many people in the creative arts have multiple talents, such as actors who also sing and vice versa. Rory’s background is unique and stems from a creative industry that’s more off-beat than most. He’s an award-winning podcast host for “This Paranormal Life,” and a notable figure in video game live streaming on Twitch. However, he’s now stepping into the spotlight as a solo music artist in his own right.

I’m thrilled to note that Rory is exploring a new electronic-pop sound! And that he has a real passion for injecting DIY ethics back into mainstream pop. For his first foray into music, he’s drawing inspiration from some of the industry’s most innovative artists, including Charli XCX, Porter Robinson, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. “Stories,” his debut EP, is due out soon, but first he’s releasing “Offline,” the follow-up to singles “Stories” and “Down Bad.”

Apparently, “Offline” was Rory’s last song for the EP, and he wrote it about himself and his emotions at the time. The lyrics are incredibly honest, almost like reading from his diary. What makes it stand out to me is how the high-energy sound contrasts with the melancholic lyrics. The bass synths really add to the overall vibe of the song, which is somewhere between electronic pop and indie-rock.

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I just watched the music video for “Offline” and I have to say, it definitely caught my attention. It seems like the theme of the video is breaking away from a life that’s too focused on technology and the digital world, but I’m still not entirely sure why the beach location was chosen. Maybe there’s a hidden meaning behind it that I missed? Overall, I thought it was a really interesting and thought-provoking video.

Talking of the video, he says, “That beach is such a part of our (his and his producer Kit Grier Mulvenna) DNA and to have it feature in this video was a real treat. The song is about what it feels like to push yourself to the limits, maybe even too far, and I really wanted to capture that in the video.

In Rory Powers, I have no problem seeing how a self-releasing, DIY artist’s emotional songwriting and heartfelt honesty are producing one exciting pop prospect.

Stories” EP releases on August 11th. Pre-order the EP HERE

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