In a world where a lot of pop music is formulaic and cookie-cutter. It is always a joy discovering a new voice, that doesn’t adhere to trends. The problem with some pop music is. It has a tendency to get quite boring very quickly. (Being particularly a fair statement to make. When everyone follows suit of one another). We need new creatives, innovators and upstarts to keep pop music from going stale. It is not likely we will be hearing anything like boring from London-based, alt-pop newcomer RONNIEE. She is described as. A refreshing, bold, and empowering female artist. One, who offers an unapologetic point of view in her lyrics, mixed with a sprinkle of raw British charm.

Debuting the track “FAYE” (abbreviated for Fake And You Exit). I would say RONNIE does everything within her power not to be compared with the ever-growing surge of new artists. Because, unlike most other up-and-coming, pop acts. She uses elements of unfiltered pop. And brings us heart-on-sleeve melodies. Which are liberally sprinkled with witty lyricism. Listening to the lyrics of “FAYE” makes it clear, it is not a tribute song. (As is usually the norm when someone’s name appears as a song title). I am finding it hard to believe, either Faye Tozer of Steps or the actress Faye Ripley for example. Would be proud to learn. “FAYE” (in the instance of this track) is a shady old friend. Someone who’s a little jealous or attempting to dull your shine.

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I listened to lots of new music this week. However, nothing leapt out at me or grabbed my attention, strikingly. Until I pressed play on “FAYE“. The quirky musicality on display is nothing short of exquisite. As is the wonderfully articulate sense of wordplay used by RONNIEE. On this debut track, at least. I would expect a few comparisons to Lily Allen, coming in thick and fast. To be fair, we haven’t seen a newcomer emerging who is as whip-smart and empowering as Lily is in a very long time. Let RONNIEE lead the charge with the revival. It’s time.

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