Emerging Artist: Ricky Reed

Rising on up of the production front comes a major new talent in the form of L.A. beatsmith Ricky Reed.

Whilst, Ricky may not be a familiar name to us yet, there is every chance that you might own some of his material already, given that he’s a hugely sought after songwriter too, penning hits for 5 Seconds Of Summer, Jessie J, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo and so forth.

With his production work also standing before him (Ricky being a US Grammy Nominated multi-platinum producer) up for 2017 Producer of the Year and all, he’s another name cited to be working with Kesha on some of those 70-80 songs she’s knocked up to choose from for her new album. Just one of the little tidbits which she revealed during her recent panel talk at SXSW.

In recent times Ricky’s attention has turned towards launching that of his own career, going down the route of a producer who is also an all-rounder, covering the songwriting through vocal duties. Ricky is really on the ball on all fronts.

The first single material has begun to trickle out and I have to say it’s coming through as the kind of sonically mellow production work which is enormously easy on ear, whilst excelling in delivering brilliantly formed and understated electronica. My feelings are, this style of woozily beat ridden electronica is served best with an accompanying video. So in presenting the new single “Joan Of Arc”, we have a rather lovely video clip to look at also. In it we get to see Ricky consumed by negative thoughts, wandering along a railtrack, looking for a way out of troubles. Events take a turn for the better when realisation hits that he has more good going for him than what he was blind to in the first instant. The fog cleared and the sun came out, and sometimes for that to happen it is best to just go and walk it out. Although wouldn’t advise it gets so bad to walk along railway tracks obviously. Seek help, dial the Samaritans just don’t contemplate ending it all at the oncoming grill plate of a train.