I feel it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to write about an up-and-coming artist as creatively alluring as Regulus Red. A pop artist, in the alternative sense, who draws inspiration from some of the biggest pop music game-changers in the business, such as Lorde, Mika, P!nk, Troye Sivan, Madonna and of course, Lady Gaga. There is no mistaking Regulus (aka Simon Grancagnolo) has come from an arts background. The purposely stylish methods he implements into his work are hugely visible and striking. His music is as much about creating an experience, as it is expressing emotions, and sharing his contemplative thoughts in his songs.

I know, when I was first introduced to his newest release “Ghoster” a few weeks ago. I felt spellbound, and absorbed, after engaging with the immersively, impressive, art piece. I have a keen appreciation for artists who go, above and beyond for their artistic endeavours. Exploring an ambitious streak. The passionate pulse which drives these kinds of works always seems to have increased potency and resourcefulness than that of more normalised pop efforts. “Ghoster” is a stunning example of what a sharp, visionary, mind when motivated by creativity, can accomplish.

When explaining the meaning of “Ghoster,” to us over email Regulus comments.

Ghoster is your unapologetic friend who speaks out for anyone having gone through the shame of being ghosted!”

He further elaborates on social media.

“If you’ve been ghosted too, I guess it’s time for you to get revenge! Send THEM this song. I wonder what they will feel?”

Evidently, when watching the expressively, evocative music video. And, amid a soundscape created of spaced-out electronic otherworldliness. In bringing this sensitive issue to order, Regulus instills an uneasy, anxious feeling with the viewer. He appears in a state of torment. Visibly, doing all that he can to release his soul from the distress and mental tension endured. This track made my ears tingle with excitement. It brewed up a sense of darkness that when teamed with the music video footage, prompted my heart to pound faster. What a thrilling introduction. It leaves me rather keen, and more curious to stay on board with Regulus Red to find out what else he has got lined up and see how this project will grow from here.

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