Who is Raissa? This is not an unreasonable question to ask, being as I have fallen charmed with her debut track “Bullying Boys” out just a week or so ago. Press releases inform she is a multidisciplinary London-based artist, currently studying at Central Saint Martins (art and design college) in the Capital. Born in Spain to a Spanish mother and a French father, Raissa grew up between Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Sydney and is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Apart from being made aware of her cultured upbringing, in the form of the tiniest of biographies, mystery surrounds.

For once, PR, spin has done its job and worked its magic on me. As I have become very, intrigued and curious about Raissa. Both the sweetness, (found in the music) mixed with the salty, thoughts, (expressed in the lyrics of “Bullying Boys.”) Place her artistry coming out of the same ballpark, as MARINA‘s earliest offerings. I adore the eclectic stylings both of the song and the supporting video, directed, edited, written, and produced by Raissa. I especially love it when a newcomer breezes in, quite out of the blue, and begins to create some buzz.

On Friday, she released her second track “Valentine.” This better convinces me Raissa is playing the long-game and intends to be putting out music for some while to come. The production on the “Valentine” is noticeably improved, and the vocals are blossoming out. In her videos, she seems kinda quirky, and there is a bold sense of how art and creativity play important key roles in her life. Also, both videos went straight to Vevo, which normally, doesn’t happen unless there are bigger launch plans afoot. Let’s not be blindsided the DIY approach we have seen here with “Bullying Boys” and “Valentine.” I feel sure they have been put out like this as a way to stir up equal measures of intrigue, and interest. My biggest, take-away from listening to both songs, is that I am loving Raissa’s gentle, sweet voice and otherworldly tone so much.

Connect with Raissa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThisIsRaissa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisraissa/