After writing about tons of pop releases lately, it feels nice to be writing about an alt-pop newcomer who is embracing electronic-pop styles, again. Toronto, Canada artist QUIETLOVE has an intriguing bio, which reads “Been at it since MySpace. Still no Grammy, still highly underpaid. Loving every second of it.” A statement that implies Brendan DiStefano (aka QUIETLOVE) although only now unleashing his debut release “The Dream” has been involved in Canada’s music scene for much longer. As it transpires, he is an established singer-songwriter for the indie-pop trio Navigate The Sky. He also aspires to collaborate with songwriters abroad and take on more roles in production, co-writing, and film score composition. Having his own, project QUIETLOVE is one step that will help turn these ambitions into fruition.

A few years ago, you would have heard me saying melodic EDM is a hard genre to break into because of the availability of Ableton software and being saturated with bedroom pop producers. I feel things have since calmed down, there has been more of an accent on pop releases in music generally. With the lockdowns happening and musicians having to find ways of alleviating their boredom by experimenting with new ways of being creative. Maybe the thirst for EDM is about to start up again and QUIETLOVE is just that little bit ahead of the curve.

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He isn’t coming out with half-measures. “The Dream” has an appropriate amount of bang that reminds me of The Chainsmokers most recent works. Although the soundtrack of this track is bolder than what is found in his usual indie-pop vibes. Brendan DiStefano in his QUIETLOVE guise ensures the focal point remains on his vocals and lyrics. “The Dream” is a song about yearning to leap into the unknown. When it comes to it, we usually get to a point where we just suddenly go ahead and jump into something new one day. Venturing off the cliff-edge has paid off for QUIETLOVE, this debut release positively gleams with obvious pop potential and stokes anticipation for what comes next. Keep a close eye.

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