Peyton List is beginning her adventure into the music world. Which to be honest comes as a complete eye-opener to myself, as well as to those who might immediately recognise the 20-year-old as the actress who played Emma Ross in Disney comedy shows “Jessie” and “Bunk’D.” Going from, child actress into adulthood is quite, a leap to make when doing so in the public eye. Expectations and reservations will be aired in equal measure. It is best that we take stock again now to remind ourselves, that artists, in the creative sector especially, never stop growing and developing their craft.

In truth, I don’t know a huge amount about Peyton’s acting career. Therefore, I am unable to give my personal take on her transition from acting to singing. When it comes to debut single “Liar Liar” I am all in, ready to share my thoughts.

However in no uncertain terms, it is transparent, that this song is a determined effort to shake off any cutesy preconceptions we have made about the Disney actress. When clearly the boldest point the social media darling is making, is that we know her through the roles she has played on the children’s TV channel. Now it is time to get to know another side of, Peyton List.

The clues are in the song title. As “Liar Liar” wastes no time going beyond the family orientated boundaries of the Disney empire. The track is vocally forward and feisty and peppered with expletives which the singer uses to express her vehement views towards the troublemaker at the heart of the song. The first chance she got she went in, obliterating the image the majority of her younger viewers associated her with. I think it is worthy pointing out that when Hayley Kiyoko stepped away from her Disney career to that of a fully fledged singer, it was done so with baby steps. With Peyton, the first step of the process feels very different. Like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

There is no doubt “Liar Liar” is a bop but how well will it be received by the younger fan base she’s already grown? It’s a tough call to make. When all said and done this is a new venture with plenty of viability for Peyton to score some new fans on board. What is for sure, whichever creative avenue Peyton works in be it TV or music she delivers every time.

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