It has been a rather blah kind of week everywhere, hasn’t it? Everywhere, but inside my inbox, that is. Getting caught up with my submissions pile has become my sanctuary, and escape from the frustrations of day-to-day living, through a pandemic. During this time, I have, however, taken quite a shine to the Pat Reilly track “Act of Love” which dropped last week. Although written with an authentic queer narrative in mind, this lyrically poetic track is both a salve and reminder to be mindful of taking care of ourselves. Especially relevant in the here and now.

Inspired by the Yung Pueblo quote, “being honest with yourself is an act of love,” the new single sees Reilly giving himself a pep talk in how to deal with anxiety.

“I hope this track gives rise to a culture of acknowledgement and release because I believe that’s the first step in curing emotional pain, which everyone has experienced during this time”. Reilly says of the release.

You know how next level Charli XCX is with her edgy niche pop styling. Well, Reilly also gives us a similarly good electro-pop dollop of that with “Act of Love.” There is lots more to come from Pat Reilly, he’s dropping his debut EP release “Prince of the Night” next week. I think it will stir up considerable interest among electronic-pop circles for its constant boundary-pushing aesthetic and because of the honest, heartfelt lyrical narratives found throughout.

The second track lifted from the EP is out today. “Adamantine” is a softer sounding track altogether. The lyrics are flushed with even more vulnerability and openness. The track, tackles the need for personal space, how being in a relationship where you are joined-at-the-hip, does not necessarily suit everybody. The “Prince of the Night” project offers an intimate glimpse into this strange and spectacular year of isolation. “Act of Love” and “Adamantine” are just two contrasting tastes from the body of work. And, although the tracks are poles apart melodically. They share the same glorious indie-pop feel. This is really making me all kinds of intrigued about Pat Reilly, the music and the emotional landscape of the EP. Not least because he has created a record that is authentic and true to him. Because he hasn’t set out to follow trends. It would be so good if other emerging, pop acts would take a leaf out of Pat Reilly’s book and also strive for originality above all else. In fact, it’s just the kind of shake-up pop is sorely in need of right now.

Pat Reilly’s “Prince of the Night” EP drops 13th November, look out for it.

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