Introducing Dallas native Oscar DeLaughter. A twenty-year-old self-releasing singer-songwriter with popstar aspirations. He just put out a cool track “Just Woke Up” which is kinda quirky, eclectic, alternative pop. While being very rhythmically driven. Not quite in the same lane as GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know,” but with notable, similar tendencies. With a soulful tone to his voice, Oscar is someone new to the music scene to become curious about for sure.

What is clear from the outset, Oscar understands to win around new listeners is by factoring in memorable hooks. “Just Woke Up” is more or less attached to a continuous loop of four simple chords. It is instant, catchy and earworm worthy. It has the qualities most emerging artists strive, long and hard to achieve. Whereas some may be quick to assess Oscar as a one-trick-pony on the strength of “Just Woke Up,” nothing could be further from the truth. The preceding, release “Broken Heart Conversation” similarly exemplifies Oscar’s grasp of musicality. Therefore, I feel confident in his ability to continue establishing himself going forward with comparable grooves and ear-pleasing vibes.

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In more detail, the now Los Angeles resident Oscar explains…

“”Just Woke Up” is about coming to grips with the reality of certain aspects in life but keeping hope that things will get better…I feel like things get easier when you’ve accepted what they are… I refer to summer because summer is a time when we plan on doing all the things you’ve wanted to do all year… but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. This past summer, I think everyone had a taste of that more than ever considering the state our world was in.”

Just Woke Up” has a darker feel to it yet demonstrates musicality which is nonetheless alluring. I like this track so much I am prepared to overlook Oscar quoted a Lana Del Rey song-title in the intro. (No shade – just not an LDR fan.) The music of Oscar DeLaughter, on the other hand, is mesmerising. Oscar’s first two offerings indicate he is poised to capture the pop world. His vibes are hot on trend and should quite rightly be streaming all over the internet.

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