Olivver The Kid

Give me some pop that is on the outer edge of things, cuz sometimes music can cut through, pop in particular, as being over polished and lacking in character and artistry.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good pop song, but you know something a touch more creatively impassioned leads to a bigger win of my attention, moreover.

Someone like, former The Neighbourhood indie-pop rocker Bryan Sammis, who broke free of the band last year and swiftly began servicing his solo material with a sidenote of synth-pop sensibility online, under the moniker of Olivver The Kid.

Olivver The Kid’s debut EP “Freak” was one to shackle in plenty of interest and whilst, clearly Sammis was out to establish himself on the trajectory as a solo artiste by offering as much scope into his abilities by showcasing various styles. Sammis certainly had plenty of bases covered in a glowing resolute of attitude.

Sustainability is always the key when your debut sparks an immense flurrie of interest. And so, onwards from this, Olivver The Kid embarks upon that all crucial sophomore release which quite possibly could be seen as the true benchmark of his success on solo terms.

This follow-up amounts to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” EP and is introduced by the surmountably premium rate alt-electronic piqued track “World On Fire”. Maybe this gives some clearer insight into who Olivver The Kid, the artiste really is! As “World On Fire” turns over with a flow of immediacy and forthright authority aplenty.

If the statement grabbing epicness of this stealthily created venture doesn’t get you onside the mesmerizingly transfixing, power pounding drums surely will.

All pointers are that Olivver The Kid will be quite the draw of attention during the upcoming CMJ Music Marathon. With tracks so confident and objectively honing in on Sammis unique sense of artistry, it’s not so hard to see why this is!