Summer is upon us, but did you know quirky pop artist season has started, also? I have had numerous emails introducing me to various way-out emerging artists come in. All ladies, I hasten to add. Of these, the most eccentric and who I like the best is Number One Popstar (aka Kate Hollowell). Yet, Number One Popstar might have gone down one or two ways for me. If you don’t understand the jokey name, she might seem overtly brazen about her claim. As soon as you pick up Kate Hollowell’s latest project, which is about pop through a satirical lens, you are in on the joke, and everything becomes obvious.

Her former background in pop punk has shaped the multi-hyphenate into a bit of an agitator. She enjoys stirring things up using hilarious storylines and sharp-witted lyricism. While not quite the Joan Rivers of indie-pop, Number One Popstar, favours eccentricity over snarky comedy.

The latest effort “Dance Away the Pain” is where Hollowell addresses her depression “My depression makes me go insane. I just wanna dance away the pain” she advises.

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Speaking via Instagram, Number One Popstar comments…

“I made a comedy song that is also a pure pop club dance hit, when I was in a deep depression because that was the only time I felt OK — when I was dry humping the dance floor. I hope this makes you want to fuck up the dance floor too.”

In actuality, “Dance Away the Pain” holds up a stellar synth-pop song. Where is the quirky stemming from on the track? The music video picks up the comedy baton.

“I feel like pop music, especially pop music videos, are filled with young cool people, but I want to make music that brings joy to everyone, at any age, specifically 70+,” Hollowell says of the clip.

What some may see in Number One Popstar as fun, humour and provocation, I see as promoting inclusivity. She really is her own kind of popstar. Underneath her comedic guise, she’s clued up and ultra savvy (shh! but don’t tell) and full of beating heart.

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