Label her provocative. Call her genre-defying. There is no time like the present to wise up to the larger than life, maverick mouthed emcee Nova Rockafeller.

As underneath the unruly persona that shoots from the hip which Canadian born Nova has defined for herself, there is also one determinedly minded character, who has been sparky enough to see her way through to call the shots in achieving a breakthrough which is now shaping up as a happening thing.

A forward thinking mind, Nova began hitch-hiking the internet hype three years ago, when her first controversial verses began to appear online. Defiant and hard not to ignore like Nova herself, there was only ever going to be one way that this verbally illuminated live-wire was headed.

Via the rabble-rousing edgy rap realness of the “Problem Child” Mixtape, Nova hits out an official single debut in the boldly imprinted shouty pop embellished “Made In Gold”.

Whilst generally evocative in the nowness of Iggy Azalea meets a rousing Icona Pop chorus, we don’t imagine for one minute that Nova has completely sold-out to pop! What is more prominent to note here, should surely be Nova’s unquestionable versatility as an artist foremost.

Whichever genre Nova chooses to bump her rad rapping onto next, something tells me this is certainly not the last we’ll be hearing from Nova Rockafeller by any means.