We all know by now, how super talented the Swedish music race are.

They are and always have been streaks ahead of most pop giving nations, right at the forefront of it all.

For a short time of late it has seemed that Finland has really been gaining ground in the Scandipop epi-centre of notable new talents but Sweden might just be in the positioning of clawing back in the new artist stakes, in the shape of one young newcomer, fabulously named Nova Miller.

Actually it could well be the case of move over Zara Larsson because like her fellow Swede in pop, Nova is another bright young thing. 14 years old to be exact!

The amount of vocal prowess though is plainly on show for all to see, as in so much as it takes a heart to beat, is all the time that is needed to draw a pretty confident impression of where Nova’s destiny in pop might lie.

Let me elaborate on this, by saying out aloud the words ‘future pop star to be reckoned with’!

As don’t be fooled by those rosebud lips and peachy skin of her youthfulness. Nova Miller is ALL pop star talent in a young skin but she could sure be well on her way to evolve into the Swedish equivalent of Ariana Grande.

This is quite a statement to make of a teen talent I know, but believe me teen sensation is probably even a better choice of words here.

In the releasing of current single, the fortified pop bop “So Good”, the strength in Nova’s voice and vocal runs are just on par with someone that is far more established as an artist. Seriously Nova gives it her all and some, which is only going to stand her in good stead in the longer outcome.

So Good” has more swagger than your average mainstream pop effort has these days. This is a good thing because it makes it stand out even more and sets Nova apart from other rising teen sensations the world over.

No but really, it’s all in the power, dynamic and performance of Nova’s voice. Multiplied by the fact that she’s very astute and determined with it! Don’t be at all surprised one day in the all too near future when Nova scores a hit. We have a feeling in our waters, it’s on the cards.