It has been four years since Ferry De Ruiter appeared as a contestant on The Voice Holland. While he didn’t go the whole distance to the final, his time on the show was made memorable after getting through the blind audition, where he took to the stage for the live shows, dressed in full drag. Since his departure from the show, the youngster has rebranded as Not.Your.Regular.Boy. Together with Amsterdam producers collective Voice Calling Radio, he has started his follow-up journey. With songs, taking influences from The Beatles to Blondie and from Culture Club to Queen.

For the track “It’s All Yours” the burgeoning singer looks to the electronic new wave era for inspiration. This is a style which is vastly uncluttered, has a colder feel than what it eventfully grew into after the movement hit its peak in the early 1980’s. What I really loved about this period in electronic music was the surge of creativity met by the arty aesthetic which came into play at this time. The New Romantics with their moody and serious demeanours grew into something which teenage me, became utterly fascinated by. The thrill of the forward-thinking, innovative artistry has stuck with me to this very day.

Now, Not.Your.Regular.Boy. is pulling out all the stops by recreating the same crisp, metallic sound which helped usher in the arrival of the analogue electronic era. He takes the homage further on “It’s All Yours” sealing the overall mood with a supporting music video, and is aesthetically executed in accordance with the visual styling of the time. After watching the clip, my burning question to, Not.Your.Regular.Boy. is, how fascinated with the band Japan and lead vocalist David Sylvian are you? As it seems to me, he has a strong similarity to the manner in which the band and Sylvian defined themselves. Ferry has tried out a number of music styles, thus far but my advice is still with the minimal synths, add in your own twist and take this vibe further as it suits you comfortably well, indeed.

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