Discovering, new emerging artists to write about is like a drug to me. Nothing makes me feel more exhilarated than stumbling across a newcomer, few people have yet to pick up, upon. These sorts of events tend to occur when I’m researching a track or artist I have already decided to review. In this case, checking facts about Ea Kaya’s new track “Talking” (here is that review) led me to find Nosaint. A Danish songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, AKA 23-year-old Jeppe Steenfeldt-Jensen. Ea had a part in helping to write the debut tracks “Nocturnal Delirium” and “Balaclava” with and for her fellow Danish newcomer.

Because of the above, and anticipating a surge of adrenaline might likely happen to envelop me. Understandably I was curious to get these Nosaint tracks down my ears instantly, (even if this, did tear me away from the Ea Kaya review I was writing at the time.) My reward for being inquisitive, came in the unearthing of a mighty fine singer, with a strong, dynamic vocal. A voice which glides against pummelling pop sounds and edgy electronic melodies. The track “Nocturnal Delirium” is all a little off-centre in parts but is different enough to be memorable. But this is what we want a pop debut release, to be like in 2019. Something that will make us sit up and ponder what else the artist in question might have to give us. In the case of Nosaint, there was no waiting to find out as “Balaclava” came as part of, a double track, debut introduction. Again, it has a strong vocal, only this time it comes with a definite radio-friendly vibe. A fair comparison to make about the singer is, his voice bears more than a passing resemblance, stylistically to Erik Hassle with a hint of Leland.

I always tend to think after, they have got us hungry with an interesting debut, the sophomore release is where an emerging artist really has to begin to pull out all the stops. Nosaint is again streaks ahead, with the track (and my favourite of the three) “Like I Do.” He has the potential to carve an illustrious career, much as in the vein of which Eric Saade, first came to prominence methinks.

What a song! What a monster chorus!

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