noosa 2

Photo: Myles Pettengill

It doesn’t happen so often, when I am sent an unassumingly presented debut album as introduction to a new band or new artist who are totally unknown to myself, that I am greeted by the immediate allure of expectancy of something special the instant I’ve cracked open the first track. Yet that is exactly the case of what my experience extended too when I was approached by New York native Noosa.

In immersing myself into the debut long player “Wonderland” and taken aback in entirety by it’s overall expanse of poise and beauty, here I had a full album which also has made for one of the most easily joyus listening experiences that an independently released debut album has ever offered to me.

Wonderland” is awash with the endless allure of sweeping synth orchestrated melodies that are entwined with a distinctively cultured eclectic blend of dreamy indie pop natured tracks that in coming together form a coherently exquisite collection of tracks, all at the vocal direction of Noosa in collaboration with producer Mickey Valen.

Imagine if you will a sunnier version of Lana Del Rey whose sitting on a similar dream pop cloud as Say Lou Lou and you are someway into the understanding of the free-flowing sound of Noosa.

Particularly, the overall sense of organic energy is fully in evidence with intensifying rise and fall of the dewy sweet “Begin Again” and further explored in the heartfelt delivered tracks “Love” and “Wildfire”. “Golden One”, “Clocktower”, “Forest Lane” “Stranger” and “Walk On By” are each defined by a more cinematically reaching aura owing to the use of orchestral elements that inject an additionally effective layer of poignancy to these authentically honest numbers. The track that juts out of the pack is “Sail”, bringing with it a sunny warmth of nostalgia, of a golden sandy surfs up beach past, it adds in just a touch of quirky into the wondrously enchanting equation that spans the complete album.

The delicately light and airy eclectic stirrings of Noosa are willing to be consumed by suitably discerning ears that are craving of one of the most pleasingly gratifying independently released debut albums that has come to light so far this year.