I realise I probably do not listen to enough production, DJ/producers recording artists as I should and feature them on this blog, for that matter. For this reason, I decided I needed to make a special effort to fix this appalling oversight on my part. Also, since the clubs are back to regaining their power after the worst effects of the pandemic, in mind. I sensed many more artists in this genre would start to break through again now that the live music world has regained stability. To remedy my misdemeanour, and thanks to a tip-off. I have tuned in to the soulful EDM stylings of “Digital World,” the debut album by Miami-based Nick Steffen.

Before “Digital World,” his debut album, Nick had quite an illustrious career. His first foray into music was as a singer-songwriter before he progressed into production. With that said, Nick has subsequently made a name for himself in the club scene. The arrival of the “Digital World” marks a new era, where he is the sole performer of the entrancing, and danceable project.

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Released as an extension of his Revolution 93.5 Radio Brand “Digital World Radio“. In his project “Digital World” Nick investigates “how we are connected, but disconnected more than ever before.” He achieves this through a collection of eight songs, with tracks styled moreover in a euphoric, uplifting dance-pop vein.

I can testify listening through “Digital World” from beginning to end makes for an electrifying, adrenaline-fuelled, and immersing experience. By using atmospheric and lush, soaring and emotional soundscapes and lyrical narratives. Nick Steffen takes listeners on a journey both intimate and epic.

If you’re hooked to hear more. Head over to Steffen’s Radio show ‘Digital World Radio‘ airing every Monday on Revolution 93.5 (www.revolution935.com) at 10pm-11pm EST. Syndicated on iHeartRadio NYC and California and across Europe with the radio station the heart of the electronic music scene in Miami, FL.

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