I simply, cannot get enough of “Can’t Get Through To You.” It is the latest single release by up-and-coming, alt-pop singer-songwriter Nemi. What knocked me back about this song is its big pop hook. It made want to (and indeed I did) hit the repeat button multiple times. The introductory section of this song actually gave me real shivery goosebumps. The integrity of her voice is hauntingly beautiful. Placing it against majestic piano strokes sets it off an absolute treat. If I’m being honest, stylistically it brings Lorde to mind.

I haven’t listened to any of Nemi’s previous tracks, but from this one I have the overriding sense, she is quite the deep thinker. Someone who has spent time alone with her thoughts and gleans a great deal of wisdom from profound literary and creative mediums. What we do know for sure, is that she has good taste in films. The inspiration for “Can’t Get Through To You” comes from the cult classic, psychological drama, movie “Betty Blue.” Discussing the film’s influence over the new track Nemi states,

“The single came to me at a time when I felt particularly out of control. Betty Blue is a beautiful, fiery, suffering soul, that captured a certain essence that coincidently suited the track. I love her more than any film character I’ve ever seen before.”

Nemi has some of the most delicious vocals I’ve heard in a long time. She has the ability to capture the mind, and seduce the heart, in one fell swoop. Her distinctive voice and thoughtful lyrics combine to stretch perceptions about the idiosyncrasies of life, love and relationships. As a newcomer in the crowded pop sphere, she stands out with her accessible alt-pop style. Her artistry is distinctive and unique. It leaves me of the feeling, Nemi is an artist who will most likely succeed in keeping us surprised. This excites me to no end.

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