Emerging Artist: Nate Austin

There is nothing so rewarding for me than to discover an unsigned recording artist who are in the developmental stages of honing their craft. One such aspiring new talent who recently stepped forward and made himself known to me was that of a young multifaceted, singer/songwriter/ producer from London called Nate Austin.

First up, Nate isn’t new to music at all, but after first dabbling in drum and bass and hip hop, the aspiring newcomer is now finding his way into a modern electronic pop styling, which he is constantly working upon, whilst retaining his musical roots at the crux of his song making.

Since making the move into the pop genre Nate has already appeared on BBC Introducing with his raspy, pop/rock tinged debut single “Wild Love”. A track which has someway acted as a stepping stone into the poppier sound that Nate’s been wanting to break into for some time. Infact Nate is the kind of artist that has so many strings to his bow. He has plenty of genre options he could easily follow into but for now his sights are set on electronic pop and he’s giving it his all in achieving results that show a pleasing amount of potential.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to a new track of Nate’s called “Poison Arrows”, which is a middling style of anthem that show’s off his vocals at his most pop sensible leaning. “Poison Arrows” also brings to light Nate’s lyrically developed songwriting skills in which he shows a preference for concentrating upon positively uplifting and empowering themes, as the subject of his main narrative focus.

Nate’s got quite a lot of everything that I look for in an unsigned, emerging artist. Drive, determination and the hunger to constantly sharpen up his skills to take him where he wants to be. Did I mention that Nate’s pretty much a bone fide self-taught musician and producer too. Give this young guy a round of applause because I think he’s making a pretty good stab at being pop. As I see it, Nate’s one to keep an eye on, as from what I’ve heard, I’m quite confident that Nate’s got even more in him to give to the cause.