If you haven’t heard about Miss Benny, yet then I have to ask you where have you been? The singer-songwriter and prominent YouTuber (by birth name Ben J. Pierce) who launched the Kid POV Channel has come of age and turned his attention to recording pop songs, under his newest identity, Miss Benny. The singer has made previous attempts at embarking on a music career recording just as, Benny. Earlier this year, he switched name to that of Miss Benny. Whereby, each following new track release, (there have been two songs so far, “Rendezvous” and “Every Boy“) the music has become progressively, hotter.

Both “Rendezvous” and “Every Boy” had a softness to them, while the songs also captured a flirtatious tone. The latter of the two draws a parallel to Troye Sivan in terms of style. Third, in the chain is the new one “That’s My Man“, a brighter, bolder impression with a juicier melody. It is an anthem written for Miss Benny’s one and only, an ode to all the little things which are cute and endearing about the singer’s man. The song feels the more liberating of all the Miss Benny releases. It is uplifting, joyous and at times adorably cheeky.

Considering these tracks are being independently released by the artist, they are cleverly crafted. The songs have heartfelt messages that will be relatable to a lot of people. The vibe throughout is playful, brimming with personality while getting a bit deeper and more intimate at the same time. “That’s My Man” is the standout for me, so far and absolutely feels the direction he should continue to pursue. I’d say so much that the singer is finally on the cusp of a breakthrough. There is a shift occurring before our very eyes because the song is as shiny and big as Miss Benny’s ambition and talent. Stay tuned there is definite pop magic at work here.

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