I like the fact that, at the moment, the Australian music scene is not appearing to be overloaded with heaps of festive tracks. Alternatively, it is rather that I have noticed a steady influx of newcomer pop acts has been brought to my attention instead. The appearance of newcomer and emerging artists is also a good sign that the Aussie music scene is recovering since the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Yet, who is coming through currently that I deem EQ Music worthy? Recently, I discovered the Eora/Sydney-based art-pop indie artist MILKU (AKA Miles Elkington). His debut track, “Alone,” more than intrigued me. Furthermore it marked him out as someone I might best consider keeping a close eye on.

Alone” is a song that is a little melancholy and a touch downbeat but exudes sunshine pop appeal through using warm, sonic melodies. It is an exquisite charmer if you will. When I listen to the lyrics of this MILKU song. I perceive him as endearing yet, also slightly awkward and with a subtle vulnerability to him. Underneath it all, he is just a shy, mellow dude.

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MILKU says of “Alone”: “To me this song is about the loneliness we feel under the big game we talk and the beautiful photos we take. And the gnawing feeling that maybe we’re not all we are cracked up to be”.

The song is his way of reaffirming that there is a fine line between reality, fantasy and stereotypes. And that everything cuts deeper than at first glance or at face value. It is almost always the case that the picture of any situation is broader/bigger than we imagine. This is certainly the case where MILKU is concerned.

Speaking about the music video for “Alone“, he comments

“I thought it would be funny to set that idea to the happiest synth sounds I could make and the most beautiful locations in the world while on holidays. I don’t really see this song as ironic, nor fully self-serious — it’s just the happy and the sad of being alone, played together.”

Miles Elkington is the touring guitarist with the Australian indie-rock band Middle Kids. Now out on his own as MILKU. He arrives with his truly-special, one-of-a-kind, authentic quirk-filled pop. In my opinion, his style is intentionally delightfully nerdy, as to the image he projects. I have noticed nerdy, quirky, dork pop is a trend making a comeback. Having seen the ladies (Corook and Number One Popstar) embracing the trend, I’m excited to see MILKU get in on the act. I’m fangirling “Alone,” and cannot wait to see what he does next.

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