Kudos to Charli XCX for scoring the No 1 album in the Official UK Album Chart with “Crash” this week. Although I haven’t yet had time to dive into the album. This is because I’ve been enjoyingi owe it to myself“, the debut album from Miki Ratsula, instead. Hat tip goes to Phil Marriott on this one for first mentioning that I check Miki out. After receiving a press release from their press team. I coincidentally found myself in receipt of a preview of their album, “i owe it to myself.” I took both nudges as a sign that I must reserve some time to check the album out as soon as I could.

Don’t get me wrong. Charli has worked hard, for a long time, and deserves her No 1, and all of the recognition she is getting. However, Miki Ratsula’s release was the calm, lyrical prowess I most wanted to hear during a week filled with life drama and chaos, anyway.

The debut project from trans non-binary artist Ratsula, sees the singer-songwriter/producer work in an indie, acoustic vibe. This is the correct style to show off all of the softness and the beautiful intricacies of their beautifully toned voice. Through their use of detailed lyrics, they share autobiographical stories. These document their journey in, realising self-love. The album has a very intimate feeling, to that of a storybook brought to life.

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This is a release where Miki broaches topics in the most vulnerable and heartfelt manner. Covering, coming out, their undergoing top surgery, and their mental health journey. Not only is the project a loving tribute to self-realisation. It is an empowering listen for young queer kids, ideally. Commenting on this Miki says, “I just want to be the artist I needed growing up”.

Their thoughtful, caring attitude, and duty to the community make my heart soar.

Coinciding with the album release, Miki shares the endearing video just released for the track “Sugarcane” feat Dana Williams. The visual clip is formed of sweet and cute imagery. Much as though, Miki is wearing their heart on their sleeve. The pastel-hued clip exudes the mood of light and love. And has an infectious beautiful energy, that instinctively gives me a great deal to smile about.

On “i owe it to myself” there are plenty of high spots. These help make Miki stand out. A focus on melody, personal lyrics and evocative production is what separates Miki Ratsula from their contemporaries.

The album “i owe it to myself” is out now – available HERE

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