What was I doing when lots of you were out getting your hair did, or were sipping a few glasses of amber coloured pop while visiting a hostelry this weekend. For once, I had no need to venture out to the shops nor stand in a queue for the supermarket. Instead, I made use of some quiet time to check out “Surrender” the new album from Mickey Taylor and produced by Lostchild.

Since earning success as a gay model and actor in the first instance, Mickey has been on a mission to break into the music arena these past few years. Picking up interest by incrementally, refining his sound and style. His work is lyrically driven. Where delving into topics around social issues, bullying, body positivity and mental health awareness as well as being an advocate for the LGBTQ community form the centrepiece of his projects. He’s dabbled with the dance and alternative pop genres previously. With singer, musician and producer Lostchild coming on board for Taylor’s newest project “Surrender” a musical shift occurred. It is clear to me that these two artists have struck upon a connection, a musical meeting of minds. And Lostchild who heads up production as well as being the primary songwriter, on the album. Has also skillfully, used his knowledgable musicality to allow Mickey to shine in ways which haven’t been seen before.

As someone extremely familiar with Lostchild’s music, I can clearly pick out Joe Copplestone’s stylizing and lyrical footprint dotted liberally all over this album. It is Mickey’s vocals that are in the driving seat, though. Turning in topline performances which are seeped in equal measures of vulnerability and authenticity. Lostchild has got Taylor embracing a dreamier, moodier, pop model. Which particularly works a charm on “Jokes.” The intimate tracks distinctly open and honest dialogue about breaking someone’s heart to protect your own is textbook, Lostchild songwriting and musicianship, as is much of the album.

The album “Surrender” has our eyes are opened to Mickey Taylor, who is building a growing listenership with ambitious and frank pop songs about relationships and heartbreak. On the strength of this offering, he is clearly one to watch.

Click here to check out Mickey Taylor’s album “Surrender

Connect with Mickey Taylor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsmickeytaylormusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsmickeytaylor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsmickeytaylor/

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