It is a year since the Ukrainian pop sensation Max Barskih shared the track “Just Fly“. And where we were excited by the news of plans to launch his career on an international footing. Understandably since the tensions and the Russian invasion of the country, releasing new music has been less of a priority at this time for Max. With the anniversary of the “Just Fly” single release, a significant milestone for the Ukrainian singer-songwriter is marked. An announcement from Max that the English-Language album he has been working on this past year is about to kick off a new era for the pop superstar. One where Max is switching his popstar name to that of MICK SUNDAY.

In his announcement, he writes,

“I want to share my thoughts with you. This war brought great changes to my life”. He begins. “Feeling negative emotions and constant stress, you seem to forget about the existence of joy, happiness and love. I made the decision to create the future today, and to take you with me. Where the wildest dreams are possible”.

The first official single under his new MICK SUNDAY moniker is the track “I Feel Good“.

I have come to know what the music of Max Barskih sounds like. The style embraced by MICK SUNDAY, however, is a different matter altogether. From the offset, it is apparent that with this new venture, MICK SUNDAY arrives in creative, pop experiment mode. When he said about this new project…

“I feel that now is the time to share these experiments with you. And I hope this music can put a smile on your face and put you in a good mood”.

…MICK SUNDAY lives up to these intentions.

The song is funk-edged pop and glitzy and a world apart from the cool electronic pop efforts of Max Barskih. I think MICK SUNDAY may have gotten hold of a memo stating the Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk” as being popular the world over. On “I Feel Good“, MICK emulates joyful, danceable pop similar to the Ronson, Mars, 2014 smash hit.

It is difficult to form an opinion about a new project based on just one song. I am not fully under the spell of this one quite yet, although trying to keep an open mind for now. Unquestionably, I love the music video that supports this release. It has vibrancy and energy. And is dripping in high-end visuals depicting living life to excess.

The rollout of new music has started. It will be interesting to see how Europe and the rest of the world respond to these English-spoken releases.

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