What I really like about Disclosure. The siblings were fresh production upstarts bringing something new to the table promoting their debut album “Settle“. The Lawrence brothers admirably continue to deeper explore the sub-bass sound. The beats have become more spaced out and sonically dreamier. The production mastery remains as tight as ever (if not tighter) but niche. They are still on a mission to this day to make house music that stands out as different. This brings me round nicely to speak about Perth based producer Maver who wrote in, telling me about his new track “Bring Me the Night” featuring Ethan French. Upon checking it out, aside from being super impressed. I knew this to be a similar match, for the woozily dreamy style of electronica, Disclosure, so often permeate their sound from.

I am loving and also suitably impressed by Maver’s sonically, wavy beats. All is smooth and silky without any annoying kinks, as though it has been freshly pressed and crisp as a professionally laundered bedsheet. I can quite understand why he is making waves down under. His flair, in the field of compelling, soothing, electronica, stands out as being uncannily good. But, I really think Maver’s superb electronica is such that it deserves to transcend territories.

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Linking up with musician and songwriter Ethan French on the track “Bring Me the Night“, we hear his soulfully beautiful harmonies perfectly complement Maver’s lush vibes. This collaboration is a fierce one. The track celebrates, living in the moment demonstrates when you master how to achieve the correct balance, the effect can still be on par with the mightiness of a powerhouse offering. In truth, once I started listening to Maver, I couldn’t rest until I had checked out all of the rest of the tracks on his Spotify profile. (I would also recommend you take a listen to the track “Can You” with Ruer, I really like the sonic, futuristic groove. It has me all of a quiver). Maver makes music that has a fresh appeal. At the very least, I consider he deserves a nod or nomination for an award like Unearthed Artist of the Year from the folks at Triple J.

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