Say hello to Matthew Joseph (because I for one, am mesmerised by the press photo. He has a lovely face.) He’s an upcoming pop sensation from out of North Wales who is addicted to open mic competitions and would love nothing more than to properly live life like a pop star, scrub that – a legend. Here is a little more information about him from the press release (because this sentence really leapt out at me), it states, “He was originally on X-Factor but quickly realised the impermanence of this shallow fame.” Thus, Matthew has forged ahead with making his mark as the next pop star you are going to love by doing everything DIY (love it!)

There is no question even Bonnie Tyler (known for having the biggest 80s hair in Wales) would be envious of Matthew’s luscious locks. I think she would also be quite taken with Matthew’s singing as well being that the 80s, 00s are his biggest musical styling inspiration. Synths and electro-pop feature heavily in Matthew’s music, in fact when listening to all his releases to date, on Spotify. I am noticing some comparable similarities to NYC electro-pop maven SIRPAUL. I feel this is the vibe that is enveloping Matthew’s latest offering, “under the collar” as well.

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“The lyrics are totally tongue-in-cheek and bring a much needed light-hearted bit of fun in these times,” explains Matthew. “This latest sexy-summer track is what we are all definitely needing right now in Lockdown 3.0.”

Aside from its unabashed playfulness “under the collar” is a very, very catchy track. Where the hook-laden melody also brings the flawless Erasure album, “The Circus” to mind. The 80s inspiration couldn’t be more hotly, in evidence being that the track anchors itself around this lovely winding Erasure-esque hook. Melody is at the heart of everything here, Matthew sure has a 100% bop on hands. A booty-shaker. Club-goers will eat this up when live music gigs are started up again. The indicators from “under the collar” feel, good, and suggest Matthew Joseph is an emerging artist worth getting excited about.

Matthew uses his music as a force for good with the release of “under the collar” he will be giving 20% of his profits to the mental health charity MIND.

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