Shame on Spotify. If the platform didn’t flag up “Girl of Your Dreams,” the newest track from emerging alternative-pop artist Mara Liddle, on your Spotify Release Radar playlists last new music Friday. Yet especially so, if you’re a fan of Charli XCX, Shygirl, or PinkPantheress and missed out on Mara Liddle. Since it’s clear that the algorithm is at fault and missed the mark. Mara’s unique blend of pop, garage, and hyperpop sets her apart in the contemporary pop scene. However, this distinctive style is seeing Mara going places. Moreover earning her a nomination for song of the year, 2023, by Future Hits Radio, following the release of her debut EP, “Stalemate,” in 2023.

Introducing “Girl of Your Dreams,” her first release in 2024. She continues to elevate the vibrantly perky, pink hyper-pop signature style she has developed with collaborator/producer JB Thomas. This new release draws heavy inspiration from Charli XCX’s “Number1 Angel” and “Pop 2.” By infusing colourful arcade game-inspired digi-pop beats to create a unique backdrop for Mara’s captivating voice, sweetly saccharine, and alluring.

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The musical style of “Girl of Your Dreams” is well-suited to the TikTok generation. Namely because of the catchy beats and modern sound. The relatable lyrics delve deeply into the complexities of maintaining relationships in the digital age. Moreover highlighting, the challenges of distinguishing between online interactions and real-life connections. Mara’s authentic approach to songwriting shines through as she vividly portrays a scenario in which she discovers that a virtual stranger has developed a crush on her. That is based solely on their online interactions and brief encounters at work. The emotional depth of the song becomes evident as Mara shares her mixed feelings of unease and intrigue in response to this unexpected situation.

Mara’s songs are rich with astute observations, reflecting her deep connection to the world around her. Rooted in the realities of her life, each song carries a distinctive edge that sets her music apart. With a focus on melody and a keen sense of intelligence, Mara’s pop style showcases the authentic storytelling of a young woman who effortlessly creates relatable sonic masterpieces from her surroundings.

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