You could say that in all probability it’s likely to be inevitable that US born, Swedish based pop newcomer Mapei has it all in place to generate a crest of interest with her undeniably contemporary fresh take on popular music direction.

Achieving critical acclaim stateside already with the R’n’B evocative breakout hit “Don’t Wait” the promising emerging artist is set to bring her urban steered, modern club ready tracks over to the UK beginning with a debut show at London’s Cargo on July 2nd

It is however, the unveiling of another track from Mapei’s upcoming debut album “Hey Hey” that is raising our curiosity uppermost in the prospering new artist.

Change” the track of influence in question, has along with the majority of the debut album been co-written and produced by Magnus Lidehall, the Swedish producer who has worked with Katy Perry, Sky Ferreira and Britney.

Take from the aforementioned infomercial what you will, but do please go all out to listen to the storming uplifting anthem “Change”, since it is fully loaded with major potential whilst delivering positivity via an empowering lyrical narrative and imposing vocal prowess. An impressive dowry of talent that has been quick to earn Mapei an upcoming tour support slot with John Legend.

Designed by current Swedish pop culture Mapei is a breath of fresh air. Whilst also bit like scouring round IKEA, you see that everything is designed with a purpose in mind whilst, presented by a pristine modernist outlook. We feel it likely that before we know it, we might have Mapei’s debut album in our iTunes basket and a trolley full of Scandinavian textiles and accessories booked for home delivery, because all is appearing far too temptingly good to resist here.