There hasn’t been nearly enough male emerging solo artists breaking through this year, for my liking. Sure there have been some, but for the most part, they’ve behind a production deck or embracing the singer-songwriter vibes. Things are starting to hot up a touch on this front, as newcomer M.R.J is ready to introduce us to some tracks he has been working on that are delivered in a rather ear-pleasing, electronic pop-sensible style.

M.R.J is Matthew Russell Jones originally from Lincoln but now based in London. Matthew has been working with producers and songwriters responsible for making hits for the likes of Jessie J and Little Mix. It seems to me that M.R.J would rather like to secure a few pop hits of his own.

I have been enjoying M.R.J’s current single “Cali High“, it is a song that contrasts melancholy verses with a sparkly, uplifting chorus. Teamed with a soulful mix of melody, and intelligent pop attitude in the lyrics. He’s got a lovely soothing voice which meshes in seamlessly among the well produced electronic soundscape so in my book he’s certainly off to a good start.

There is something so subtle and striking about the music, but also immediate that it draws me in. I definitely will be keeping an eye on him and how his music develops.

Connect with M.R.J
Twitter: @mrjmusicuk