When you’re a new music blogger, your social media outlets and profiles take on a new meaning. Most seen by the aspiring musician at large as acting in function as an extension to your inbox whereby, a follow or the casual dropping of a URL link onto your timeline is a communique in a bid to raise some attention. Like your inbox though, this kind of opportunist pitching action is rife pickings which herds in music of the broadest spectrum. Yet every so often, you find something that fits in with you and when it does, it’s just like wow, a proper special ‘you-get-me’ moment.

This is how I became aware of the singer, songwriter and producer Lostchild.

Londoner Lostchild’s soundcloud is the source of all his music history, mapping production collaborations alongside his own work. And he’s built up quite a portfolio which happens to reveal that Lostchild is no one trick pony and has a whole lot of talent filtering out from his fingertips.

Lo-fi atmospheric 80’s/90’s infused electronic beats is where the Lostchild artistic project of Joe Copplestone comes into its own. Not only are the compositions executed in a refinely polished manner, Lostchild’s vocal is tracked with the kind of mellifluous feel good charm which is recognisably instant in the likability factor.

Lostchild dabbles in everything from Drum ‘n’ Bass projects, to gaining some otherworldly dimension in the slo-jammin’ R’n’B direction but when he hits the pedal on taking on pop, this is when the magic really goes up a gear!

You see, I feel the pop-side of Lostchild encapsulates from the same place vocally as Bright Light Bright Light and it’s no better on display than on the newest shimmering track “Everybody Else”. It’s pretty much all there even down to the finer nuances. Suffice to say I am totally lubbed up in the forlornly fawning, electronic lament, which is moreover Lostchild’s catchiest work-piece in essence.

Everybody Else” has put Lostchild firmly on my music radar and now I am resolutely believing in hope that they’ll be more of these subtlety emotively charged electronic pop delights to follow.