The first thing about Lily Denning which in all probability hasn’t escaped your notice. Is that her appearance is startlingly similar to that of the other more famous pop artist, also called Lily (Allen) who you are undoubtedly more familiar with. I know when the press release for Denning’s debut record “Armageddon” first popped up in my submission pile these were the first thoughts which sprang to mind. Nevertheless, even though she had nailed down a pop star worthy look, she was still going to have to prove her pop credentials to me. In the form of how brilliant, or stand out her debut offering, actually was.

To be fair, I was not expecting disappointment of any sort because this introduction came to me via a reputable source, who look later some of the leading names in the world of entertainment. So, with anticipation at a peak, I ventured into getting my first watch of the music video. The beginning of the clip masterfully sets a tone of intrigue. We are presented with rhythmic, stabbing beats and Lily launching into a sing-speak style of vocals which are neither rap or hip-hop. It’s a bit like the singing style which the other more famous Lily (Allen) would do, to be honest, but anyway, so far still not disappointed. All pretty much carries through in the same vein to the end of this verse section. With the bridge, a change occurs. The moody beats switch into a positive, uplifting gear and Lily begins to sing like a proper songbird (which I like very much.) I am still not disappointed. The chorus is upon us. It is punchy, quite flighty, and Lily’s crystalline vocal is authoritative and controlled. She sounds like someone, who definitely has her intentions set on becoming a pop star, in the long term.

Of the debut single, Lily says: “Armageddon” represents the battle between repeatedly being drawn towards the bad and discovering the strength to resist it. The song illustrates the decision to turn your back on something negative and the consequential relief of letting it go. It’s about feeling empowered by your self-worth and embracing the freedom that comes with that. I want the song to glorify independence whilst acknowledging the sometimes impossible process of detaching from damaging relationships.”

To sum up my thoughts about the pop song “Armageddon” by emerging pop artist, Lily Denning. I was not disappointed. I am excited. Because I can tell, she has the determination to stick to her guns and further hone her sound, develop, get even better.

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