The Swedish/Norwegian singer and songwriter Kristian Kaspersen has released a new album called “2nd Time Around.” His music wasn’t familiar to me before hearing a preview of his new album. Someone understood that I really enjoy listening to electronic/synth-pop albums this time, which is not always the case. Hurrah!

It has been so long since I have had a collection of glittery electro-pop tracks come in that it felt surprisingly strange, passing “2nd Time Around” through my ears. Being a Swedish/Norwegian, the chances of Kristian Kaspersen letting me down were always slim. It’s been seven years since Kristian first began working on the project, but I’m glad he is finally releasing it at last.

Some people are put off by an album that is about nightlife and navigating relationships. But we really should not be suspicious of Kristian Kaspersen’s album “2nd Time Around“. The pop mastery is there for all to see. Spanning euro-pop flavours and four to the floor dance-pop beats. Darker, melancholy and more thoughtful tones make an appearance also. One minute I was in the same headspace as Ace of Base (see “Come Rain Come Shine“). The next second, I was cosying up to music matching a striking resemblance to that Benjamin Ingrosso churns out.

Noticing the lyrics, Kristian wholeheartedly shares his thoughts and feelings with searing honesty. (See “STAY,” “Inside My Head” and “One Little Thing“) as these tracks validate my claim best.

All said and done. It was refreshing listening to an album that doesn’t once channel or look to Lady Gaga for inspiration. But one that instead rocks its own trajectory but at times lends a nod to the 90s.

Listen to “2nd Time Coming” in its entirety now via Spotify and if you like what you hear, make sure to check Kristian out on the links below.

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