Photo: JB

We can’t help ourselves but be tuned into the 80’s because the amount of electronic music duh and well the boom in technology of all things digital started to take hold. Without any of this happening we would not be here as EQ Music Blog, today!

As bloggers, who have highlighted many emerging acts and artists over the years, particularly those who have sought some influence from the 80’s decade into their music, we quite possibly haven’t been introduced to someone so in the complete zone of it for a fair while though. When we say zone, we mean the full package of works, as if by a nostalgic act of re-creation we are reliving it pretty much with the same sense of feeling as we first experienced it some synth-pop light years ago.

That was until we were just introduced to KNIGHT$ via his fizzing, synth-pop centric debut “What’s Your Poison?”!

We don’t think we can stress enough how totally 80’s-tastic this is. It’s everything of a dude in shades, down at the discotheque joined by two disco dollies sporting big frothy 80’s hair.

Don’t think for one minute that KNIGHT$ isn’t serious about what he’s doing! This is definitely NOT a parody or a send-up. He’s worked with producer brains Martin Dubka on this and well his production contributions with Tesla Boy and Ali Love are amongst some of our all time favourites.

In addition to all the above, stand on your guard for the saxophone solo to completely seal the deal that this is for real. A bona fide, genuine new venture into pop.