I just found out about the song “Beautiful Life” by the emerging Danish singer-songwriter Kleo. It is a track that is so blissful and dreamy that my finger has hovered over and involuntarily hit the repeat button multiple times. I love that this is a soothing yet, uplifting song. As compared with the other wintertime offerings. When music is more often introspective and of a somewhat melancholy tone. In her new single, she reinterprets the famous message of seizing the day. By using shimmery synths, elevated by her spine-tingling-beautiful voice.

Speaking about “Beautiful LifeKleo shares…”For me, it’s about being open and holding on to the feelings of happiness I feel in the present moment”.

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The shimmery pop sound she has tapped into is a spellbinding elixir of soft synths and soothing sonics. A style that aligns with the sheer wonderment helmed by the lyrical narrative. Which speaks about not allowing opportunities to pass you by.

In seeking a comparative, I would suggest Kleo as a little reminiscent of musical acts similar to Annie or Sally Shapiro. This is because of the combination of icy synths and the heartwarming delicate vocals she uses. Summing up. What is created here is a sound so inviting and uplifting that when listening you cannot help but be whisked away to a brighter and sunnier place. In my view, she is off to a flying start with this song.

I am transfixed on KLEO, and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

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