I have Irish alt-pop artist Jack Rua to thank for bringing Kit Major to my attention. The Chicago-based art-pop singer-songwriter Kit appears on Jack’s latest dark pop song, “Vacuum“. (I reviewed it on the blog back in November). Both Kit’s lyrical and vocal contributions on “Vacuum” were stellar. She brought elements of classic pop, rock, and a dark disco sheen to the track.

Curiosity about Kit got the better of me. Leading me to check out her other releases. Where I was too quickly find out, she is, brilliant. In terms of comparison, her vibe can be described as similar to Allie X with a suggestion, of Rina Sawayama. Major’s track “Scene Queen” exemplifies this best. I really like her track “When The Drugs Don’t Work” also. I like the contrast between softer stylings of the song and the darker tones she uses. (Check them out here).

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Kit has a track called “Solo Disco“. The bop came out last year. The video came out a few days ago and has immediately picked up waves of interest around the blogosphere.

In the song, she sings about, “learning to find comfortability in feeling uncomfortable. “Solo Disco” is where you go when you have no one else. It’s a fuck you, I’m fine to those who don’t believe in you or see your true value“, she says.

The video really embodies the lyrical narrative. Nowhere is out of bounds when Kit Major chooses to throw open the doors to her “Solo Disco“. In the video directed by Noël Dombroski, Kit will dance on the rooftop of her apartment, out on the street or let loose in an abandoned swimming pool. If the mood hits right.

I see Kit as an empowering figure on the alt-pop scene and like the aspect of quirkiness she brings to pop music. She is not a one-trick pony. I am living, in alt-pop dreams with her tracks. We are not late for the party. It is just beginning. The new single “Solo Disco” confirms that Kit Major is one to pay attention to.

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