Here today, decorating herself in bright and bubbly infectious pop, is newly emerging Brooklyn based artiste Kissy.

As much as we’d love to think she was christened as Kissy she wasn’t, her real name is Sasha Ortiz but under her artiste name kissy, it gives a sense of playfulness and sass. To be honest we’d be quite up for hearing plenty of this coming through via her music. Which is quite fortuitous really, as Kissy by name and peachy pop perky by nature of her music.

Her credentials stand Kissy in good stead too, she started out as a back-up singer and has worked with a many artists in this capacity, not least The Kills.

We get the sense that she’s no shrinking violet. And why shouldn’t she have a taste of the pop pie all to herself, she’s clearly got an appetite to lift the lid on some explosive pop. Quite honestly right now, we’re hungrier than ever for this kind of vividly effervescent dynamic to implode and kick-start our summer!

Although, Kissy also has skills in songwriting and producing she’s linked up with Mark Solomich of dance-pop boy purveyors Junior Prom on production dibbs here and together, the musical pairing have forged a glitzy electronic pop dynamic for themselves which fizzes with the same kind of rainbow bright dizzying, thrills and spills that first brought one Betty Who to our notice.

She’s not being presumptuous in naming her latest track “Killer Vibes” either, it is very much all pop killer, no filler! And it’s pushing all the right buttons of high visibility vibrancy and sass too.

What’s not too like here, we say!