King Deco 1

There are so many new artists out there vying for our attention yet there is one sure fire way as any to achieve not being overlooked, and that is by ensnaring our EQ listener power with either an effective hook or mesmerically enveloping bridge of otherworldly sound.

Emerging Brooklyn based singer / songwriter King Deco has achieved all of the above with bells on, and it forms together like all the exquisitely precious synthy best alt-pop you ever did hear.

King Deco the alias of the Jordanian born Dana Salah, derives her magical blend of otherworldly leaning melody and decorum of an enigmatic hybrid aesthetic, which is visualized by her mystically enriched heritage and manifests through a hue of dreamy synth driven projections enlightened by delicately draped esoteric vocals.

The debut is to be rolled out shortly as “Tigris” a 3 track mini EP, with the prismatically ethereal “One” as lead.

Hazy and cosmically delicious King Deco’sOne” is sublime and transcendentally abstract perfection all rolled into one.