Recently, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing enough about up-and-coming production acts in the music industry. So, I’ve made it my mission to start paying more attention to emerging talents in this genre. One artist who has caught my eye is Kiimi, a London-based producer and DJ who has been making waves lately.

Kiimi has already performed at some of the biggest music festivals this summer, including Glastonbury, Standon Calling, Lost Village, and Creamfields. It’s clear that Kimberley Emma Reader, the mastermind behind Kiimi, has a unique and progressive style of electronic dance music that’s quickly gaining popularity. I was especially impressed when I heard they recently opened up with a set at Radio 1’s dance weekend in Ibiza. And I find it particularly exciting watching talented artists rise through the ranks.

I am really digging the current track, “Serotonin“. Although not their typical style since their voice is featured quite prominently. Usually, they let their production work take the lead and use vocals more as a background/harmonising element. But this time, Kiimi mixed things up and I feel it’s a move that is really paying off. Moreover making “Serotonin” one of their most buzzed-about releases to date.

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“I think this is the most exposed my vocals have been on one of my tracks,” Kiimi comments, “so it feels pretty vulnerable and raw, but I guess that’s exactly, the point I was trying to get across,” they further add.

Therefore, writing this piece became an especially pivotal project for Kiimi at a time when they were experiencing an extremely tough breakup. Heartbreak is something that everyone goes through at some point. Yet, the experience is not an easy thing to deal with. However, specifically the song “Serotonin” in this instance, became Kiimi’s way of finding their voice again and reclaiming their sense of self. This cathartic episode helped them move forward and start to heal.

Kiimi, along with Georgia, Romy, and Charlotte Plank are some of the most exciting artists in the EDM scene right now. They infuse their music with so much heartfelt conviction, pushing the boundaries of modern production and creating something truly unique. It’s incredibly inspiring to see artists like this redefine what’s possible in music.

Grab your tickets HERE for Kiimi’s debut live show at The Social, on Wednesday, November 1st.

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