You all have Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) to thank for this next emerging artist discovery. I found Denver native (now LA-based) KC (Steinbeck) on Rod’s “How Queer! An All LGBTQ+ playlist” on Spotify. I wanted to take a break from reading pitches and emails for a hot minute and experience the thrill of organically finding some new music for myself. I noticed Rod tweeting out about the playlist he had curated and thought I’d give it a look as he knows about and works with lots of cool independent artists. I felt comfortably sure by listening through it, I would unearth a gem or two. I soon did the KC (Steinbeck) track “Attention” was literally vying for my attention (pun intended).

The track had a cool electronic vibe and I particularly appreciated the punchy bass notes. Moreover, I sensed there was more to the story being told in the lyrics. Like it might form part of a bigger project. Quickly, by scrolling through KC’s social media, I learned how it is his desire to create tracks that don’t necessarily fall in line with being of any, one particular styling. KC’s work is about saying what he needs to say, allowing the emotiveness of each track as a guide to where it should go musically.

In a few short weeks, KC has released three tracks “Toxic“, “Attention” and has been especially gaining ground with the shimmering synth-pop effort “Broken Hearts Club.” Although, for me, it is “Attention” which I have had on repeat. KC is a pop artist full of feelings, direct lyricism and pulsing electricity. Emotive and deeply melodicThe wheels have started to turn. These tracks are totally sincere and endlessly listenable, a triumphant step forward in what could be a breakout year for KC. He is off to a promising start and might just be your new favourite electro-pop artist. 

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