I must admit when I was contacted about, Julen the Human at first I didn’t know what to think of the zany person who appeared directly before my eyes. As I delved more into his digital media world, however, my initial caution was replaced with a strange sense of fascination with the vast creative project he was embarking upon. You see, Julen is a multifaceted artist whose work doesn’t fall under our usual coverage of electronic-pop. Instead, I was endeared by his quirky ways and by how he is creating a multi-media brand for himself, which comprises of pretty much everything you could possibly think of.

He shares his experiences, observations and understanding of the human condition through a variety of forms including, songwriting, performing, writing, directing and fun philosophical hot takes which he uploads to his YouTube channel. You know what, I should hand over to Julen to explain for himself.

As much as Julen’s philosophical video dialogue’s about life etc., appeal to my inner geeky nature. He contacted us to seek our assistance with his foray into music, by way of premiering the video for debut track “Time.” It is a clip which showcases his skills as a cinematographer, storyteller, and musician. Again, I was very unsure what the music was going to be like all told. As such a huge personality comes through in his video updates. I was pleasantly taken aback by Julen’s style of soft, melodic storytelling. The smooth singer-songwriter vibe wasn’t expected, and nothing like what I had envisaged he would come out with.

Talking about the track, Julen told us over email,

“The song talks about wasting one’s youth by fear of making the wrong decisions and living in the hypotheticals.The overwhelming realisation that time is impartial to you or anyone. I wanted to create a narrative and aesthetic that would denote the underlying, visceral emotion; juxtaposing the wistful tune with dynamic, hard-hitting visuals. From it’s conception to its fruition and the community that came together to make it possible, this project transcended the traditional approach to music videos.”

Julen the Human tackles topics of deep-thinking, subject matter head-on. With the same kind of contagious enthusiasm, I’ve seen before in the Christopher Lloyd portrayed character of Doc Emmett Brown from Robert Zemeckis 80s blockbuster movie “Back To The Future.” I could have benefitted with some of his animated wisdom when I was behind my school desk trying to make sense of humanities classes. His super-fun and lighthearted approach to learning and logical thinking have a greater impact with me than my history, science and technology teachers put together could manage to squeeze into my teenage brain when growing up. Just imagine, someone like him could have turned me into a mega brainiac with a hunger for sharing facts, and analysing everything that comes into my path even more so than I do today. Seriously though, I am inspired and charmed by the project as a whole. Next stop for me is Julen’s YouTube channel I’m enroling as his newest geek cadet. I sincerely mean it!

By far the most thrilling surprise of all for me right now he’s turned out to be a gifted singer-songwriter as well.

Connect with Julen the Human
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julenthehuman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julenthehuman/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSe9UbuGWqhMz0ySNKrOpiQ