JØUR is the type of intriguing name which immediately leaps out at you and makes you curious to find out more. When the name, peeped up in my inbox recently I was keen to learn what was going on. Questions which ran through my mind were, what does the name mean? Is this an artist or a band?, and I really, hope the music is just as striking as this projects’ name, etc.

Without too much digging around I found out the answers to my first two questions, JØUR is the shortened form of emerging Minneapolis artist Jourdan Myers’, name. The answer to the third question came both from the artists Soundcloud profile, and a lovely preview I was given of sophomore single “American Nightmare” which met my ears with a surprising, glistening, crispness of electronic minimalism meets contrasting powerhouse vocals. The track is the first single off of her upcoming record “Chiaroscuro” and is, written much as the singer’s version of, the American Dream which is a little contrary to the conventional ideal and aspirations it usually, summons up. The expectations of getting a job, moving to the suburbs, getting married, and having kids were not the stuff of dreams for the singer instead she views it as being her biggest, nightmare.

JØUR’s musicality and pop stylising feel both contemporary yet classic, whereby she combines revelatory lyrics with a steely resolve of 80’s indebted melody. This offering bursts with an intoxicating vibrancy rife with dynamism, making for an exciting listening experience geared towards getting people to look at things a little differently while moving their feet and bodies to the rhythm of the elegantly, arranged song. The music may not be easy to pigeonhole, but it feels like a breath of fresh air.

Connect with JØUR
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JourOfficial/
Twitter: @jourmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jourmusic/